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    Welcome to the website of MOTORTOOL

    MOTORTOOL, founded in 1999, is the(a) company that specializes in manufacturing vehicle maintenance tester, test equipment, fuel injection system and common rail tester.

    We have been manufacturing automotive electronic testers, solenoid valve testers, various kinds of common rail test benches and supplying them to more than 30 distributors in Korea. We also have a wide international sales network in 15 countries.
    These are the products that keep up with the latest emerging trend of green energy, and we are trying our best to boost technical training about fuel injection system in the automobile market for the future .

    Via continuous R&D and human & technical know-how accumulated over decade, we will improve the quality of products, contribute to improving the competitiveness of our customers around the world and invest freely in business innovation and the nurturing human resources.
    We will try our best to become an internationally competitive MOTORTOOL in the world.