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    LEAK-B(Leakage Current Tester)

    ” LEAK-B ADP-020 “

    handheld car diagnostic scanner, car sensor tester, car diagnostic test tool

    Advantages of LEAK-B

    Advantages of LEAK-B
    1 Easy connection to battery
    2 Able to detect the cause of discharge “quickly” hearing alarm sound.
    3 Able to set alarm current value with button simply
    4 Able to examine easily discharged vehicle by oneself.
    5 Possible to check the amount of current used for vehicle at a look.
    6 Dual circuit protection (Bypass function) blocks the momentary overcurrent.
    7 Able to measure of small and large current simultaneously.
    8 Easy button operation.
    9 Able to inspect basic generator and battery.

    Name of each part

    handheld car diagnostic scanner Name of each part
    a. LCD Displays measured value or status
    b. Up / Down button Set alarm sound, current value and menu
    c. MENU Move to initial menu
    d. ENTER Select menu displayed on LCD
    e. Red Pincers Connect to battery (+)
    f. Black Pincers Connect to battery (-)
    g. Blue Pincers Connect to (-) cable of car body removed from battery

    Discharge Test Instruction

    Discharge Test Instruction 1
    Discharge Test Instruction 2
    Discharge Test Instruction 3

    Battery Test Instruction

    Battery Test Instruction 1
    Battery Test Instruction 2
    Battery Test Instruction 3
    Battery Test Instruction 4
    Battery Test Instruction 5
    Battery Test Instruction 6
    Battery Test Instruction 7
    Battery Test Instruction 8


    Product Name LEAK-B 12V (option: 24V)
    Model Name ADP-020
    Control Type Digital
    CPU 32bit Microcontroller
    Measurable Voltage DC 7V ~ 18V
    Measurable Current 20A
    Using Temperature 0 ~ 60˚C (Room temperature)
    Power DC 12V
    Size 190 x 90 x 42 mm
    Weight 600g
    Components Main body, Instruction

    * Product specifications could be modified without prior notice to improve system performance