Leakage Current Tester

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LEAK-B(Leakage Current Tester)

LEAK-B checks battery, leakage on the vehicle. car diagnostic test tool, car sensor tester

” LEAK-B ADP-020 “

handheld car diagnostic scanner, car sensor tester, car diagnostic test tool

Advantages of LEAK-B

Advantages of LEAK-B
1 Easy connection to battery
2 Hearing alarm sound, detect “fast” the cause of discharge.
3 Set alarm current value by operating button “simply”
4 Able to examine easily discharged vehicle by oneself.
5 Possible to check the amount of current used for vehicle at a look.
6 Dual circuit protection (Bypass function) blocks the momentary overcurrent.
7 Possible simultaneous measurements of small and large current.
8 Easy button operation.
9 Able to inspect basic generator and battery.

Name of each part

handheld car diagnostic scanner Name of each part
a. LCD plays value or the status measured by LEAK-B
b. Up / Down button Alarm sound current value setting and menu move
c. MENU Move to initial mode selection window
d. ENTER Select MENE displayed on LCD
e. Red Pincers Connect to battery (+)
f. Black Pincers Connect to battery (-)
g. Blue Pincers Connect to (-) cable of car body removed from battery

Discharge Test Instruction

Discharge Test Instruction 1
Discharge Test Instruction 2
Discharge Test Instruction 3

Battery Test Instruction

Battery Test Instruction 1
Battery Test Instruction 2
Battery Test Instruction 3
Battery Test Instruction 4
Battery Test Instruction 5
Battery Test Instruction 6
Battery Test Instruction 7
Battery Test Instruction 8


Product Name LEAK-B 12V (option: 24V)
Model Name ADP-020
Control Type Digital
CPU 32bit Microcontroller
Measurable Voltage DC 7V ~ 18V
Measurable Current 20A
Using Temperature 0 ~ 60˚C (Room temperature)
Power DC 12V
Size 190 x 90 x 42 mm
Weight 600g
Components Main body, Instruction

* Product specifications could be modified without prior notice to improve system performance