MT-4600 Flowmeter

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MT-4600 Flowmeter

Injector, High pressure pump, IMV test

MT-4600 is a common rail injector tester and high pressure pump tester for bosch, delphi, denso, siemens solenoid and piezoelectric injector

I-CRDI  “MT-4600”

high pressure pump tester, Bosch injector test bench, common rail injector tester

The world’s first realization of  Automatic Piezo Injector Seat (option)

The world’s first realization of Automatic Piezo Injector Seat (option)
piezo injector tester

Automatic Mode

Automatic Mode

Automatic record of injection volume

Auto detection of injector and the measurement of resistance

Auto detection of injector and the measurement of resistance

Real-time display of injector waveform

Real-time display of injector waveform

Pump Test

high pressure pump tester


common rail injector tester Print

Search for injector (Automatic update)

Search for injector (Automatic update)

Real-time check of fuel temperature

Real-time check of fuel temperature

Various injector test

  • A variety of common rail systems can be realized
  • Free control of voltage and current
  • Display disconnection, short circuit and connection status
  • Display voltage and current waveform of injector in real time
  • Supply of data of various domestic cars
  • Supply of exclusive connector for each injector
  • Supply of exclusive high pressure pipe for each injector
  • Separate control system for 3rd to 6th generation of injector
  • Reassembly injection function and the use of return nipple of Piezo
  • Support printing function
  • Supply of various exclusive connectors
  • The use of precisely manufactured beaker

IMV Test

Normal IMV graph

IMV Test Normal IMV graph

Abnormal IMV graph

IMV Test Abnormal IMV graph

High pressure pump & IMV

  • Idle IMV and IMV by duty
  • Able to regulate frequency and duty
  • Possible to control IMV frequency, IMV duty and IMV type
  • Rail duty, rail frequency and the type of rail
  • The direction of rotation can be selected
  • Possible to adjust target and current pressure, rail duty and IMV duty

Various pumps test

high pressure pump tester, IMV test

Various adaptors
(optional : supply of connectors and adaptors for imported cars)

Various exclusive adaptors (optional : supply of connectors and adaptors for imported cars)

Convenient work space

common rail injector tester - Convenient job space


  • Real-time automatic upgrade through internet (MOTORTOOL’s server)
  • Quiet operation through application of motor control technology
  • Adoption of purification system for less contaminants in the tank
  • Display rail temperature
  • The method of control can be selected by pump type
  • Use of Italian luxury hose (The same type as European high rank one)


Product Name MT-4600
Injection Time 0 – 1600㎲
Testable Injectors Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens Piezo, Bosch Piezo, Denso Piezo, Caterpillar
Output 4 Channels
Cooling Forced cooling
Pressure 0-1,800bar
Power 110-380V  50/60Hz
Motor 3Phase, 2HP,  6 poles
Pump Equipped with remanufactured pump
Oil Tank 30L
Size 1320x600x1590 (mm)

* Product specifications could be modified without prior notice to improve system performance