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    The R&D center of MOTORTOOL has been trying to invest and develop core technology continuously since 2004. It has been successful to achieve research results and recognized for its competitiveness both domestic and overseas.

    The automotive industry is to cope with the CO2 reduction and diesel is still a major means to meet the future CO2 regulatory goal. Since the domestic market share of diesel vehicle is more than 50%, the importance of common rail test bench is increasing day by day.

    It has been developing CAD design, circuit board and programming for common rail test bench based on superior human resources, the accumulated expertise and research experience.

    The R&D center of MOTORTOOL is the only institute that carries out from design to production of CRDI tester. It is in charge of technology transfer and training to automobile maintenance companies, and makes a great effort to develop brand new products.

    Through continuous R&D, MOTORTOOL will try to maximize the brand power and to become the leading company in Korea, in Asia and furthermore, in the world.

    I would like to ask you to send the MOTORTOOL’ R&D center lots of interest and support.

    Head of Research Center Park, Sung Kyu