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    DPF Cleaner MDC-02

    Able to clean domestic and imported vehicles

    DPF Cleaning Machine

    MDC-02 is a DPF cleaning machine or SCR cleaning machine that cleans DOC and LNT as well.

    Ask motortool DPF solution and how to clean DPF

    Necessity of DPF Cleaning

    Applied cyclone system which doesn’t splash water

    Very first time in Korea! Diagnose differential pressure displaying waveforms after work

    Built-in scope and differential pressure sensor

    Normal DPF

    Clogged DPF

    Fairly melted DPF

    Melted and damaged DPF

    Differential pressure test using differential pressure sensor hose

    DPF cleaning Before / After



    Three stage full automatic cleaning

    Control box

    Able to set water injection time, air cleaning time and count

    Can be cleaned with air only when setting water injection time to 0 sec

    Double injection

    Double injection during cleaning protects DPF and enables stable cleaning

    DPF cleaning Before / After

    Able to clean domestic and imported vehicles

    Adapters provided for each model


    Product Name DPF CLEANER
    Set number of times 5~60 times
    Air time setting 0~30 second
    Water time setting 0~30 second
    Input voltage 100~240V  50/60Hz single phase
    Weight 100 Kgs
    Size 1000x500x1200 (mm)

    * Product specifications could be modified without prior notice to improve system performance

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